Parental Reviews

We recently completed a series of therapy sessions at Alfa and we are thoroughly impressed with the quality of care we received. From the moment we walked in, we was greeted with warmth and professionalism by the staff. The environment is welcoming and calming, which immediately put us very comfort..
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Overall I had really good experience in ALFA Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre, Ernakulam. They are providing Good service. My child has improved a lot. The dedication of staff is also excellent.
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Highly recommended. Perfect coordination among the staff for the holistic development of the child. Fee structure is also affordable compared to the other centres. After each session there is a feed back time to review the activities that need to be performed at home. Group sessions will help the child to be ready for normal schooling. There is a sensory park as well.
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A good supportive system for children. Staffs are so affectionate. As a parent am so blissful to be here and I recommend this place for the parents who seek for a better place for the rehabilitation of their child. My child’s physical therapist Sreelakshmi is so diligent and have a good monitoring which is a must so that parents could keep a check on the therapy side they should provide from home.
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We came to ALFA Learning Development Centre Aluva, for our 4 year 7 month old daughter who had speech delay,poor eye contact ,very poor sitting tolerance, lack of social interaction and high behavioural issues. After the initial assessment we started with intensive therapy sessions. Within a short span of time we noticed remarkable changes in her. I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact they’ve had on my child’s development.
The therapist are all very committed and Dedicated towards their work.
We have took therapies from various other centers,unlike other therapy centers ALFA gives many opportunities for our special need kids, like we had one day trip, many celebration in which they participated all the kids in various programs. The therapist’s efforts are commendable.

We are so grateful to the whole ALFA Learning Development Centre, I should name a few of them. Shani Mam ( Director of ALFA), Burfi Miss (Special Educator & Aluva center head), Jasmine Miss. Any time they are a phone call away. And also they are very friendly and helpful. We will feel like we are talking to someone from our own family. All her therapist were maintained a very good rapport with my daughter throughout the sessions. We are extremely thankful to this team. As a parent am so happy and overwhelmed by the effort that team ALFA is putting on for each and every child’s positive changes.

I recommend ALFA Learning Development Centre Aluva to any parent who are looking for best quality therapy for their child.
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We came to Alfa with a blank mind . We didn’t have any idea to bring up a syndromic child . As a parent, the confidence and support we got from the Alfa team helped us to work for my kid more and more . All the goals that he have achieved till now are the result of the continuous effort of this great team . I could find a motherly love and care from all its team members which made Alfa the second home for my kid. We are so much grateful and thankful for the kindness and support which we experienced from this great team.
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From the moment we realised as parents of our daughter Rudraksha ,who needs special care, we were confused and reached Alfa with frustration. From 3 months onwards till now, our 4 years journey with Alfa was worth it. The way ‘Team Alfa’ puts effort on each child is something to be appreciated. Not just the one but each and every member of the team is making feathers to the children to fly. Now I am a confident parent, with all the support and sincerity that I received from the teachers.

Thank You Shani Ma’am and the entire team for the support
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It was a great decision to take our child to Alfa.They gave good attention to our kid and helped alot to improve his speech related issues and adhd problems.They also provide Group therapy sessions so that it helped our son to improve his social skills. All the therapists and staff are very much dedicated and goal oriented. Thank you Alfa for your Excellent service.
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As a parent, i am happy to see notable changes in my child within a short span of time. Alfa is enriched with experienced therapists who give equal importance in educating and training parents for home therapy to ensure flawless and sustained care.
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The therapist are very dedicated and takes great effort in the childs intervention. I have seen a lot of improvement in his cognitive skills, comprehension, attention and sitting tolerance. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Sheha miss, Thameema miss, Sarathi Sir, Teena miss, Armitha miss, Fouzia miss and all other staffs that helped in making my childs condition better. I am forever grateful to them.
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I’m very happy with the service provided by Alfa Pediatric Rehabilitation centre. My child, she is an ADHD kid, is far better now after started therapies from Alfa. I am really thankful to the whole Alfa team.
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Hi if your child is dealing with any sort of weaknesses, Alpha is the best place to go..They care with love…we are Canadian permanent Residents, came specifically for their therapy and Child showed great improvements within one month of treatment. she gained muscle strength and now is walking independently without any support. If you’r child is in need of any therapies , start immediately younger the child greater will be the results.
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So happy to share my experience with Alfa.The staff are well trained and experienced. It has been two years since I came to here.i extended my sincere gratitude to the entire team for over all development in my son especially in speech.
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We have all experienced a homely atmosphere in Alfa. Their team identifies our concerns and feelings also provides physical and mental support to us
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